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dtBack in 1985, at the Berklee College of Music, a guitarist name John Petrucci, a bassist named John Myung, and a drummer named Mike Portnoy joined up and formed a band called majesty. Later joined by keyboardist Kevin Moore, this foresome, went on to become the progrssive rock band Dream Theater. Along with singer, Charles Dominici, the band put out its first official album, When Dream and Day Unite. This album met with very little success. After dropping Dominici for their present singer, Kevin James Labrie, the band put out their second album, Images and Words, which was their first hit album, earning them large followings in America, Japan, and Europe. To follow this album up, the released Awake, their biggest hit to date. Recently, due to the efforts of a group of fans, Dream Theater released a special studio version of their epic A Change of Season, along with several songs recorded at the now famous Ronnie Scott's gig. Now the band moves forward into the futures, making fans everywhere very happy.